How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall

Living in a temperate climate, there’s hardly an instantaneous change between summer and fall. Rather, summer is slowly ushered out in late September, and fall creeps in the first few weeks of October. Here in Virginia, Fall often means that we can experience up to a 20 degree swing between morning and afternoon temperatures. In fact, just two weeks ago it went from mid-60s to mid-80s in the same day. Or mid-40s to mid-60s. How are we supposed to dress for that?!

In the fashion industry there is also a need to get consumers to buy into the newest season’s clothing. Brands come out with fall lines at the end of the summer, when most consumers have their warm clothes still stowed away. It’s so easy to be tempted to just go buy that brand new sweater or boots while you’re existing ones are still packed away. But hang on! Maybe you don’t need to buy that new sweater just yet.

Instead of having the traditional winter, spring, summer, fall wardrobe, you can blend the seasons together to get most out of your current wardrobe. This will save money, and you’ll also be stepping up your sustainability fashion game by re-wearing what you already have. And there’s nothing more sustainable than that!

So what’s the secret to mixing a summer and fall wardrobe without having to invest in new clothing? The answer is simple, and you probably already do it in some capacity: layering. Plus an added dose of creativity. So don’t put away those white jeans and dresses just yet! Here are the 3 steps you need to know to layer your summer clothes creatively to get a fall vibe:

Fall Outfit

Step 1: Start with a summer base layer

To achieve the layered look, first start with a light garment from your “summer” wardrobe. There are so many options you could choose from including tank tops, short sleeve shirts, white jeans, dresses, and skirts. In the picture above, I made my base layer a tank top and white jeans.


Step 2: Layer a warm garment on top

The next step is to layer the top of your outfit with fall accessories such as a sweater or blazer. This is what will keep you warm in the fall chill. The top layer can be shed when the afternoon (inevitably) heats up. Adding a blazer is perfect for work. On the weekends, layering with a cozy chunky sweater will keep you warm and comfortable.

Fall Outfit

Step 3: Finish with Fall accessories

For the third and final step, finish your outfit off with a few fall accessories. Incorporating fall footwear – booties (typically ankle height) or tall boots is a great touch. Other accessories to keep you warm include a scarf or a wide brimmed hat. This will give a fall vibe to your summer base layer!

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