One Year Terra Vitae Blogiversary!

Happy Earth Day!!! Earth Day 2018 marks my one year blogiversary for Terra Vitae blog. I launched on Earth Day last year in 2017, and it’s definitely been an enriching experience so far. I have learned so much for the community of sustainable and ethical fashion these past 365 days, and I hope you’ve been able to learn something new, too. I’m sharing some of my favorite parts of my journey below.


  1. Connecting with the community

When I first started Terra Vitae blog, I was just dipping my toe into the pond of the sustainable/ethical fashion community. Looking back on this past year, I still feel like I’m only at the tip of the iceberg, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed becoming part of the community. Connecting with people like you – who have an interest in making better fashion choices for the planet and people – has made me realize that this fashion shift – or revolution – is so much bigger than I thought. And that gives me hope that we really can protect the environment and curb the impacts of climate change. I also found inspiration in some amazing eco-friendly and ethical fashion bloggers who have been part of the movement since the very beginning.

FullSizeRender 2


2. Finding the Fashion Revolution

The fashion revolution is probably the largest and most far-reaching fashion movement, urging a culture shift in the way we think about our clothes and those who make our clothes. Being part of the fashion revolution movement allowed me to connect with some very cool brands and people in the DC-area. I learned a ton from their “Who Made My Clothes?” free online course that was offered last year, and their second fanzine, Loved Clothes Last. Fashion Revolution is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in learning more about how to be more thoughtful about clothing consumption. Fashion Revolution USA’s mission is to, “educate and engage people in the US about the social and environmental impact of their clothing purchases, so that they demand a more sustainable fashion industry and circular economy for all.”



3. Discovering #boss eco-friendly brands

The first few months of my blog, there was a lot of upfront research that needed to be done to find brands that I felt comfortable featuring on the site. Honestly, it’s hard enough finding clothes that fit and are flattering. Adding ‘must be eco-friendly’ or ‘must be ethical’ to that list seemed daunting at first. I was hot off of the fast fashion lifestyle, and for those first few months it was hard not to shop at my old go-to places. However, over the months I discovered a health list of brands that can fit any lifestyle or budget. It was inspiring to discover so many brands that are rooted in sustainability and ethics instead of solely profit.


4. Researching certifications

There is a boat load of product certifications floating around out there for sustainable and ethical products. These certifications seek to tell show buyers that a certain products meet certain environmental or ethical standards. I think it’s crucial to be an informed consumer so you know what you’re buying, and the impacts of it. One of my favorite posts this year was my post explaining Fair Trade Certification. I’m looking forward to writing many more of those in the future.

So those were my favorite parts of the journey this past year. What are some things you would like to see from the Terra Vitae blog this upcoming year?? Share below! ♥♥



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