Sustainable Silk Shift Dress For Fall

I love a good shift dress because when done right, it’s universally flattering. Shift dresses are loose fitting by nature, but the one featured below has shape to it as well. I picked up this one from Amour Vert, which was the first sustainable fashion brand I came across years ago.


The execution on this dress is done wonderfully in specialty Indian silk fabric, which is made with non-toxic dyes. You can read more about Amour Vert’s Indian silk here. The lining of the dress is made from recycled polyester, too. I love how Amour Vert is truly committed to sustainability in as aspects of their clothing. Lightweight, this dress is comfortable in the (still) 80 degree weather, but the longer sleeve will transition into cooler temperatures as well.


The length of the dress falls just a few inches above the knee on me, and the sleeves are about 3/4 length. The print is a delicate willow leaf design in white, set on ‘marsala’, which (after a google search) shows that it’s a “naturally robust and earthy wine red”.


The The Haley Long-Sleeve Shift is available in multiple colors/prints for $118, which you can check out here. Amour Vert is also having a massive fall silk print sale right now, meaning you can get gorgeous, sustainable fall prints on dresses, shirts, skirts, and more at a discount. Shop the sale here !

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