Finding Sustainable Fabrics At “Regular” Stores

Anthropologie has been and hopefully will continue to be one of my favorite places to shop. I can find unique, artistic garments from a variety of brands. I suspect that you have your favorite stores too – ones that you’re not ready to sacrifice shopping at. I think to a certain extent, that’s ok.

I want to arm you with the tools to make more conscious fashion decisions, even if you’re shopping at a “regular” non eco-friendly or ethical store. Maybe you’re having a hard time breaking those habits, or just aren’t 100% ready to take the ethical/sustainable fashion plunge. Perhaps you just want to test the waters first!

If you’re not going to purchase a Fair Trade Certified or otherwise ethically made garment, then I would recommend that you try to pick a sustainable fabric, and vice versa.

Cloth & Stone Dress

I was scrolling through Anthropologie’s website during a recent sale, hoping to find something that would fit the bill prescribed above. I had never seen any garments promoted as Fair Trade Certified at Anthropologie, so I focused my searching on finding something made with a sustainable, eco-friendly fabric.

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Cloth & Stone Dress

This dress is designed by Anthropologie in-house brand Cloth & Stone. This casual chambray swing dress is made out of lyocell. Lyocell (also branded as “Tencel”) is derived from tree pulp cellulose, which is a plant-based natural fiber that takes less energy to manufacture than other fibers. Lycocell is manufactured using a closed-loop process – meaning that it captures and reuses the chemicals and emissions used during the manufacturing process. Since it is derived from a plant fiber, it is also 100% biodegradable. Learn more about the benefits of Lyocell/Tencel here.

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I’m loving this dress because it is impossibly soft and breathable, and the swing style is flattering on many body types. The chambray color is great for summer, too! The high-neck design also means that the dress will stay put easily – no need to adjust. Shop the dress for $128 here.

On Anthropologie’s website, you can also search for brands so I would recommend doing that as well to see if you can find any ethical or sustainable brands at Anthropologie.

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