Blog Launch!


Welcome to the blog and happy Earth Day! What better day to launch a sustainable fashion blog than Earth Day, right? After sitting on my heels for years about whether or not to start this blog, the recent unfriendly political climate towards sustainability and the environment finally gave me the push I needed.

You can read more about me under the About page, but essentially I started this blog because I want to be accountable for the fashion decisions/purchases I’m making. The fast fashion clothing industry is the second largest polluting industry, behind only the oil industry. Wait what?! I know, read the sentence again. Crazy right? So here I was, going about (what I thought was) my relatively sustainable life, only to realize all those clothes I loved to purchase were having a tremendous impact on our Earth. So I decided I needed to be better about my choices, and I want to share this with you because knowledge is power. This blog is a journey to make better, more sustainable fashion choices. Right now my closet is full of fast fashion pieces, so this is certainly going to be a transition. I hope to share with you my favorite sustainable brands and inspire you to make more sustainable choices as well!

In addition to clothes, I will also be featuring personal care products (makeup, lotions, etc). We use SO many products – but do we really pay attention to what kind of chemicals and ingredients are in them, and how they effect us? Not as much as we should. So in addition to sustainability, this blog will also promote personal wellness. After all, who wants to unknowingly use a product filled with carcinogens?

Please comment below and let me know your comments, suggestions, and what kinds of things you would like to see featured on the blog!


2 thoughts on “Blog Launch!

  1. This is such an important and inspirational topic! I’m excited to learn more and to follow along with your journey 😊 Congrats on the blog launch!


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