Athleta: Fair Trade & Unstinkable

I used to be a huge Lululemon fan. You couldn’t convince me to buy anything other than Lulu for my workout gear and athleisure. But then I was introduced to Athleta, and I was immediately inspired by their by women for women values, their quality, and their return policy. You know a brand is confident in their products when they offer a “give it a workout” guarantee policy. Perhaps most inspiring, Athleta aims to, “ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls who empower each other”. Who can’t get on board with that?! After all of the drama we see with some brands today, it’s refreshing to see a brand that has an excellent set of core values and proves it time and time again with their product.


Now Athleta has stepped up their game even more. Empowering women? Check. Environmental Sustainability? Check. In early 2017, Athleta launched their new line of Fair Trade Certified products, and I can’t tell you how giddy that made me. When I was shopping in-store and saw that tag, I was ecstatic because I knew that purchasing a fair trade product would have a direct impact on other’s lives, and would be a purchase that I could get behind and feel good about. Fair Trade Certified products must meet certain sustainability standards for the environment and for the workers. (I will do a separate blog post on Fair Trade Certified standards – but trust me, a fair trade purchase is a good purchase.) Athleta uses recycled polyester and organic cotton, which are two fabrics that have a lesser environmental impact that virgin polyester and non-organic cotton. Click here to find out more deets on Athleta’s values and fabrics.

High Neck Heather Stripe Chi Tank


I looove this high-neck fair trade tank from Athleta. I typically have a problem with workout tanks being too low cut, but not this one! It is both HIIT and downward dog approved. Its long length also provides great coverage and won’t show your stomach. The material is soft, and the “Unstinkable” fabric is #goals because that means you can wear it for multiple workouts before washing it (score!), which saves water and reduces your energy consumption. Plus, right now the tank is on major sale, and you can snag it for only $31!

Stealth Mesh 7/8 Tight

IMG_0352These Fair Trade Certified workout pants are Next.Level. They have that compression feel that hugs your body and stays put during your workout. These are also HIIT and yoga approved. They have mesh panels that are both trendy and practical – it adds ventilation for your high intensity workouts. The fabric has that thicker feel, so you know they’re not going to get see-through any time soon. They are also super high waist (they come up to around my belly button!), which I love. These are on the pricier side ($108), but are totally worth the money. I wear them everywhere!

If you’re interested in looking at other Athleta products that are sustainable, you can shop their Recycled & Sustainable Fabrics. Enjoy!

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